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The Mom Conference is FREE, online from April 7 – April 14, 2014.

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The Mom Conference

More fun than a solo shopping trip and more informative than a library full of parenting books, The Mom Conference is a week of FREE online classes from our greatest resource: each other!

The Mom Conference is a FREE week-long online event packed with 30 inspiring interviews and videos with some of the top bestselling authors, parenting experts, fitness gurus and DIY pros!

No mom is perfect, that’s why we share our strengths. You know, the whole “I’ll fold your laundry if you do my dishes” idea. The Mom Conference will inspire mothers with new ideas to SIMPLIFY life. And that will allow more time for dancing in the living room with the kids, because there’s nothing more perfect than mommy dance parties!

For FREE from April 7 – April 14, 2014

During this 100% FREE online conference you’ll be inspired to…

  • Enjoy being a mother by learning how to stop comparing, judging, or feeling guilty
  • Put dinner on the table with a few simple tricks when you create 30 days worth of meals in just a few hours (you’re going to LOVE this!)
  • Get your kids to listen without yelling, nagging, or reminding (this will change your life)
  • Organize any space and keep it that way (what?!)
  • Maintain (or re-light) the spark in your relationship
  • Reclaim your rockin’ bod’ after childbirth without DIEting
  • Take simple steps to define your time and balance being a mom with other projects/work

And much more! It’s totally cool to listen and learn while doing the dishes or hanging out in your sweats. Yep!

The Mom Conference was created to support our role as Moms—WE hold the power to create meaningful lives that bring joy and fulfillment to our families and ourselves.

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The Mom Conference Schedule

  • Amy McCready

    Get Kids to Cooperate Without Yelling or Nagging

  • Lisa Leake

    Tips for Packing School Lunch and Removing Processed Food

  • Stephanie Brandt Cornais

    Crock-Pot Freezer Meals: The Easiest Way to Get Dinner on the Table (Please note, this class has some profanity. We apologize for any concern this may cause.)

  • Susan Peterson

    Start a Business with a Little Hustle and a Lot of Guts

  • Camille Beckstrand

    Family Night and Family Traditions: The Glue to Keep a Family Close

  • Jordan Page

    Get Financially Fit: Getting Out of Debt

  • Jill Nystul

    Video: Homemade Laundry Detergent: $30 for a Year’s Worth of Laundry

  • Tricia Callahan

    Knock Out a Month’s Worth of Dinners in One Day

  • Natalie Monson & Amy Roskelley

    Involving Your Kids in the Kitchen

  • Holly Rigsby

    Rock Your Skinny Jeans

  • Katie of WellnessMama

    5 Practical Natural Remedies for Moms

  • Nicole Carpenter

    Define Your Time

  • Dino & Shannon Watt

    Systems of a Healthy Marriage: Top 3 Successful Marriage Tips

  • Chris Kresser

    Superfoods for Fertility & Pregnancy

  • Diane Sanfilippo

    21-day Sugar Detox

  • Jadah Sellner & Jen Hansard

    How Green Smoothies Rocked Our World: Amazing Taste Kids Love

  • April Perry

    Helping Busy Moms Keep Their Focus

  • Hannah Brencher

    Feel Connected in a Disconnected World

  • Ashley Mills

    Decluttering & Design

  • Abby Smith

    5 Quick Hair Styles That Can be Done in Under 10 Minutes

  • Robyn Openshaw

    All About Detox: Why Do It & What to Expect

  • Carrie Vitt

    How I Overcame My Auto Immune Disease Through Diet

  • Matthew Sanders

    The Three Most Important Things Remember To Raising Happy Kids/Teenagers

  • Doctor Rach

    Raising Healthy Kids: No Sugar Mondays

  • Rich Christiansen

    How to Set Family Goals and Raise Rock Star Kids

  • Reed Davis

    Restore Your Hormone Health – Get to the Root Cause

  • Nancy Singleton

    17 Steps to Success: The Power of Our Thoughts and… How it Rubs Off on Our Kids

  • Toni Roberts

    The Perfect Party Decorations That Are Easy & Inexpensive

  • Bridgit Danner

    Natural Solutions for Hormone Health and Fertility

  • Jen Grothe

    How She Lost 60 Pounds and Kept it Off (And How YOU Can Do the Same!)

  • Liz Edmunds

    Saving Family Dinner: Meal Planning Tips and Tricks

  • Tiffany Peterson

    Self Care: Why Every Mom Needs It

  • Alicia Richmond

    4 Steps to a Functional and Flattering Wardrobe

  • Jenny Layton

    Get and Stay Organized: A Fail-proof System

  • Nicolas Come

    How to Conquer Picky Eaters, from a 9-Year Old’s Perspective

  • Heather Anderson

    A Makeup Routine for Date Night or Other Fun Occasions

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Creative Ways to Get Kids to Love Fruits & Veggies

Creative Ways to Get Kids to Love Fruits & Veggies

Natalie Monson & Amy

Tips & Tricks for Awesome Hair

Tips & Tricks for Awesome Hair


Make Foaming Hand Soap in One Minute

Make Foaming Hand Soap in One Minute


Find Clothes That Fit Your Body Type

Find Clothes That Fit Your Body Type


The Best Tasting Green Smoothie

The Best Tasting Green Smoothie

Jadah Sellner & Jen

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Meet Your Host - Desi Ward

Meet Your Host:

Desiree Ward is a mom of two wonderful tornadoes. She knows how hard it is to feed your family fresh, healthy food that tastes good, so she created a website, Unconventional Kitchen, to share recipes, tips and tricks that have made it doable for her family. She’s a firm believer that the kitchen is the heart of the home because food brings people together, creates memories, heals and comforts. She lives at the base of the mountains in Utah with her husband and two sweet kids.