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The Mom Conference is easy to promote because it provides free value each day on topics of specific interest to Moms.  Your community will thank you for letting them know about such a life changing event.

Opportunity to earn up to 50% on all sales*

During and after the conference we will sell a “topical bundle” for each day of the conference with all the interviews and resources to really help a Mom make a real change in that focus area PLUS, we will sell a premium package of all four day's interviews to download and listen to over and over again. The package also includes exciting bonuses from our speakers and contributors. The premium package is $97 and each topical bundle is $37.  You have the opportunity to earn up to 50%* commission on each sale, that means you can make up to $48.50 per sale!

The Packages Sell Really Well

The packages sell really well during the conference, because moms are inspired to make changes toward a more peaceful home and want that inspiration year round.

  • Note: 50% commission goes to Mom Conference speakers and contributors. All other affiliates earn 40% commission.

The Mom Conference is October 1-5, 2018.

How it Works

As an affiliate for The Mom Conference you will…

1. When you sign up as an affiliate, you will receive a special link to share with your community/tribe/audience to promote the conference. Everyone who signs up through your referral will be tagged with your information.

2. We will provide you tips, images, ads, swipe copy, etc. to make it super easy for you to share the value of The Mom Conference with your audience. PLUS we have some new, exciting ways you can market The Mom Conference, including Facebook Watch Parties for your groups, Instagram resources and a one-on-one marketing strategy session so you get the most out of your affiliation.

3. You’ll get preliminary access to the packages and all the speakers so you can review all of the speakers and resources and be able to share your own favorite takeaways with your audience.

4. For each sale that is made from your referral, you get up to 50% of that sale!

5. We’ll also be running some fun contests for affiliates September 15-October 15 to make it fun for everyone.

If you’d like to really help moms while making great money, please sign up below!

Knowledge is power. Hope is fuel.

Topics Moms Want More Info About

We have surveyed Moms everywhere and have developed The Mom Conference around the 4 topics they want to know more about:

  • Combatting Overwhelm
  • Parenting Kids In the Digital Age
  • Connection Based Parenting
  • Parenting a Child With Challenges

If these topics resonate with your audience, sign up to be an affiliate now, and share the value!