This One Thing Brings More Happiness Than Anything Else I Have Done

I LOVE Christmas because of all the traditions. Traditions are the glue that keeps families close and connected.

But sometimes we spend so much time on the fluff that we lose the opportunity to connect.

Here are three of our favorite Christmas traditions that are simple and that we look forward to every year.


My 3 favorite holiday traditions:

• Mini Van Express – our version of the Polar Express

• Wrap 25 Christmas books (not necessarily new ones) and have kids pick a book to read together under the tree each night in December. Click here for my Christmas book recommendations.

• Go together to chop down your own tree.

This holiday season, your challenge is to simplify your holiday traditions so you can focus on connections. And if you don't have any holiday traditions, start one.

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  • Martha
    Posted December 6, 2018 9:09 pm 0Likes

    After we eat and before we open the presents we read the Christmas story from the bible. We also chop a real tree.

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