One Dough Made Eight Ways – bread and cookies

These cookie and bread dough recipes are perfect for the holidays because you literally can make one batch of dough and use them eight different ways! It's a huge time saver anytime of the year. The doughs freeze well and will give you a great variety for a cookie party, a special treat after school or neighbor gifts.

bread dough cookie dough

And now for the recipes from my friend Gen Dalley

• Bread Dough Made 8 Different Ways (click for automatic download)

• Cookie Dough Made 8 Different Ways (click for automatic download)

The New Year Is a Great Reason for a Getaway

Every year for the last four years, Scotty and I have enjoyed a New Year Planning Getaway. Sometimes it's been a week in Hawaii and sometimes it's been an overnight (like right after having a baby), but the point is we carved some time out to just get away and really think about what we want the new year to bring.

What is our theme for the year?

What do we want to do?

What goals do we want to set for ourselves and for our family?

What do we want to teach our kids?

Our #1 tool is Michael Hyatt's Best Year Ever Program. You can find out more about it on one of these webinars, but I want to tell you it is a game changer for us. I think it is the perfect tool for personal goal setting.

We actually take a huge calendar that shows all the months of the upcoming year and put dates of trips and special events on it. We add deadlines and milestone goals so we can track together.

I encourage you to check out Michael Hyatt's Best Year Ever Program — only available through December 19, 2018. There's even a Goal-Setting Course for Couples as part of the VIP Package. Check it out here.

A Money Saving Tip For You

If you are self employed or just want to think outside of the box for health insurance, check out Christian Healthcare Ministries.

It has saved us soooooo much money, AND it qualifies as health insurance for tax purposes.

We literally got every penny for our last baby paid for (even the copay!)

If you're interested, check it out now because enrollment ends December 15th!

If you decide to use the insurance that we use, make sure you use the member referral code 235976. It supports our family at no extra cost to you — a win-win for all of us!

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